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Xpressive Mocha Body Butter Cafe- Your Body Butter Barista Skin Consultants

Our passion for skin care allows us to provide excellent customer service to the community as well as information about the latest skin care products and treatments for eczema, psoriasis and other personal skincare issues.

 We will be providing the following:

-Consultations with clients to discuss their skin care concerns.

-Educating clients on how to use skincare products and providing product demonstrations

-Planning, organizing and participating in skincare events and shows.

-Giving them access to order new skin care supplies( via online store/events) and maintaining relationships with our customers.

As our body butter doesn't contain any preservatives, please keep away from water. To use, simply put a small amount on your fingers and rub into your skin, just as you would with lotion. Body butters are thicker than lotion, so you don't need a lot to moisturize.