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Robusta Indian Oud Beard oil

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We welcome you to our second of the series of Oud Beard oil. Oud (Arabic origin) “Robusta” coffee bean is strong and tart taste. “Indian Oud” also know as “Agarwood” is known for its potency in its woody and animalic aroma. I added jojoba and sweet almond oil to help tone it down bit. Nevertheless, an Oud lover and woody fan would enjoy it. These are made in small batches.  The Oud has been blended with healthy and easily skin absorbing oils, to contribute with moisturizing and stimulating bread growth. Such as: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and Black Jamaican castor oil. Each series, to come, of Oud beard oils will be made in small batches.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, Avocado oil, Glycerin (Vegetable), Jojoba oil, Black Jamaican Castor oil, Safflower oil, Imperial Oud , Coffee essential oil and Tea Tree oil.


Suggestion on application:

Step 1: Swirl bottle to assure oils are mixed.

Next step: Squeeze the rubber bulb and release. Remove dropper cap and squeeze oil into palm.

Lastly, rub oil into hand and then massage oil thoroughly into beard. As to assure oil to touch the skin.

Style as desired.

Please note: I am not a medical professional, and this product is not intended to treat any specific illness, condition or ailment. Keep this product stored below 25 C, out of sunlight. Can be refrigerated.

NOTE: All of our products are handmade and may vary in consistency and color. Nevertheless, love is always placed in each product.