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Moisturizing Cuticle Pen

Moisturizing Cuticle Pen

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Our Cuticle Oil Pens offer maximum convenience and allow for fast and easy hydration of your nails with effective cuticle oil moisturizers.

1. Twist (prime) the pen. It may take several twists to release the oil the first time.
2. Brush and massage oil onto nails and cuticles.
3. Apply as needed during the day and before bed for best absorption.
4. Do not apply right before a manicure

The Moisturizing Cuticle Pen is crafted using only five meticulously-selected ingredients: Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glycerin, Rose Geranium Oil and Lavender Oil, Bamboo Oil.

Almond Oil is especially beneficial, as it resembles the natural oil naturally produced by nails. Vitamin E helps treat and even out skin tone, and Vegetable Glycerin enables quick absorption of the oil. This oil will help your nails grow faster and be more flexible (less chipping and breaking!) while soothing and moisturizing your cuticles.

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