XM Beard Brew Box

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How it works

You can order the basic XM Beard Brew (XMBB) box or you can swap the beard conditioner with beard oil ($5 more for the beard butter). NOTE: Beard Shampoo can not be swap out in this deal.
As effortless it is to have our XMBB box delivered to your door monthly on time. Likewise, if for any reason you're not satisfied or just want to discontinue, you're free to do so. Without any worries.😉
Having the proper beardcare products to maintain your beard shouldn't be a major issue in your life. Your beard is intertwined into your lifestyle. Therefore, we will work our hardest to not just make you happy but you're beard happy, too.

Tobacco Robusta - Beard Shampoo

XM Beard Brew box is a necessary weekly maintenance for your beard. Tobacco Robusto - Beard Shampoo cleanses the beard without stripping it of the natural minerals. In addition, it provides antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. While helping the beard maintains its texture.

Baristo Blend -Beard Conditioner

The Beard Conditioner has specific ingredients that locks moisture into the skin (underneath the beard), resolves dry brittle hair and hair breakages. Helps prevent beard hair entanglement. Also, helps to stimulate the hair follicle by increasing the blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin. 

Peachwood Beard Comb and Beard Conditioner Cap 

Along with the beard shampoo and beard conditioner, we're including a beard comb. In addition, we're adding a beard conditioning cap for FREE! 

$46 VALUE FOR $29.99


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