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100% nature

Our handcrafted body butter is whipped and smooth to the touch with all natural plant based ingredients without with harsh chemicals, preservatives, or detergents.

Attractive scent

With a cozy scent this body butter provides a distinctively soft vanilla scent with hints of warm, smooth, creamy, milky and woodsy notes. Handmade made with love.

Popular uses

This product is intended for every day use and can be used for every part of your body including your hair, scalp, face.

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Product Detail

Get The Mini Spa Box, launching December 1, 2020, by signing up today. *$50 value for $35/ Month Subscription* -$40.00 One Time Purchase Includes: - 1 Cuticle oil pen - 8 oz Shea Butter ( choose scent) - 1 pair of Moisturizing Gloves - 1 Lip Balm - Almond Coconut Body Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shea Butter good for?

Our Body Butter is packed with some pretty incredible natural butters and oils. For starters shea butter is renowned for its capability to promote the lightening of minor to severe scratches, along with being extremely moisturizing and being able to lock in hydration for more supple yet firm skin. Jamaican Black Castor oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Shea butter also promotes healthy hydrated skin. With jojoba oil, our body butter also has the potential to promote the easement of eczema + rosacea while helping to also tame chaffing and chapping with vitamin E and B-complex vitamins that can potentially help with skin repair as well as damage control.

Why do customers love our butter?

We really would advise trying our sample pack.(click the link below) to experience the collection. Hearing it from someone else is good, but there is nothing like experiencing the way our butter feels on your skin.

Does my hair type and skin type affect which butter to use?

Our butters are for all skin and hair types. If you have oily skin or hair we do suggest using as needed.

How many times a week should i use the body butter?

We really would advise using after post bath or shower. Then as needed through out the week.

Guaranteed Freshness

Made in small batches per order

Free Delivery

free ship for order from $50


Option to change fragrance each month

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