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Xpressive Mens Brew - Beard Oil Brew Collection

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Our unique blend has premium oils, specially formulated for your skin (underneath the beard) and the beard; to nourish the hair, promote growth and relieve itchy and flaky skin.

Barvarian Brew: Woody and coffee.      

Romano Latte-Fresh and cool scent of lemongrass with a hint of coffee.

Burundi Brew-contains notes of oud, cardamom, pepper, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka, and amber with a hint of coffee

Kaffee Quattro: Vanilla and Coconut 

Cornell Brew: Lemon, bergamot, sandalwood, cedar and cool mint.

Smooth Joe: Spicy, pine, cedar wood and amber. 

Use: APPLY TO DAMP BEARD, for full benefits. NOTE: Mustache is considered a part of the beard. Lightly swirl beard oil to make sure oils are fully mixed. There are two methods for application. 1) Use droplet (half full but preferably less amount for thinner beards) to squeeze quarter size amount into palm; rub into both hands and then thoroughly massage into entire beard. Focus on oil absorbing into skin underneath the beard.

2) Recommended ONLY for thicker beards. Take droplet (half full) and apply drops of beard oil directly to skin underneath the beard. (Divide the beard in half, starting from the center of your chin; going left to the jaw bone and right to the jaw bone).

Allow to absorb into skin and beard for a few minutes before brushing, combing or picking into desired style. For the best results (for thicker beards), apply Burundi Beard Butter afterwards. 

NOTE: Beard should appear moisturized and not oily.

Benefits. Beard oil acts as a moisturizer that goes straight to the hair follicle and restricts hair from growing brittle, especially in cold, windy environments as these weather conditions cause the natural moisture of the beard area to weak.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Black Cumin Seed oil, Jamaican Black Castor oil, Tea Tree oil, and Phthalate-Free fragrance.

 Store in a dry place and use within 6-9 months.

NOTE: All of our products are handmade and may vary in consistency and color. Nevertheless, love is always placed in each product.

Please note: I am not a medical professional, and this product is not intended to treat any specific illness, condition or ailment. Keep this product stored below 25 C, out of sunlight. Can be refrigerated.

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