Welcome to Xpressive Mocha Virtual Cafe - Xpressive Mocha Body Butter Café

Welcome to Xpressive Mocha Virtual Cafe

First thing to discuss. Skin. After all it’s the only thing holding you together. Xpressive Mocha started its journey back in 2005 when our youngest son developed eczema. Tired of going back and forth to the doctor for creams and medication that worked temporarily or not at all, I became frustrated. Not only did I have a concern for the eczema not getting any better but I also had a concern for the lists of multiple ingredients that were in these products, that I could not pronounce. So I started a search to find something better and more natural. I began looking online and researching home remedies and tried them. Unfortunately, the eczema still returned. Gratefully, I came across this golden thick substance (Shea Butter) at an African festival I was attending. I watched one of the vendor's explained to the customer how his family swore by this cream and mixed it with other natural herbs and oils to cure ailments back home.

This piqued my interest and I asked more questions, bought a 16-ounce jar of it and was on my way. Fast forward to a month or so, after I had learned to get this solid block (i.e. Shea butter) into a consistency that I could work with, I begin to experiment with oils. Thanks to my sister-in-law being a licensed masseuse, I was able to obtain a book on essential oils and massage oils. Away I went mixing and testing on my son. I observed in watching spots on him, hoping that I would see improvements on his skin . Within two months I had not seen a patch of eczema on my son and his skin was improving. Not only improving but appearing very moist. After friends and family noticed my son's skin, they inquired to what I was using on his skin. And if I can make them some. Thus, Xpressive Mocha was born.

Selling bottles and bottles of this magic to cure without harsh chemicals. Today available to you in the form of white Shea butter which works the same, just less staining of the clothes. The brand name comes from putting two things I love together. A great fragrance that expresses (changed to a “X” to be more Xpressive) my mood and “Mocha” for my love of coffee and other café drinks. I use various quality oils and fragrances in the body butter to benefit you and give you a great Xpressive fragrance all day while healing your skin. Until next time my #MochaBeans stay smooth.

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