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Herbal Coffee Bath Shots

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This calendula and mint herbal bath salt is soothing to the skin and smells absolutely amazing! It is wonderful when made with fresh herbs and coffee.

By combining with oils and springs of your favorite herbs to a bath, the latter can become a special gift for a friend or loved one. And with properties for healing sporting injuries, shifting bacteria and dirt from clogged pores and stimulating our circulatory system.
This calendula and mint herbal bath salt is wonderful and smells amazing!

Calendula has so many benefits, and is especially nourishing for the skin. Mint is refreshing and uplifting. They are a perfect combination!

Paired with the natural minerals found in this sustainably harvested Himalayan salt, you have an amazing bath salt that is good for the body, mind, and soul.

To use, simply add the herbal bath salt to warm bathwater. Use any amount of bath salt that you prefer up to one cup.

Ingredients: Epson Salt, Himalayan Salt, Coffee, Mint Leaves, Calendula